About PW

Born and raised in South Florida, Passionate Woman, also known as Courtney Saunders is a LifeStyle – Inspirational Blogger, former Atlanta/Orlando Regional Director of Black Bloggers United, and Human Resources Professional. Courtney serves as a Self-Love Advocate, Aspiring Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate, and BlogProfessional.

Courtney’s is a proud AlumKnight of the second largest university in the nation, University of Central Florida. While she has studied in Business-Human Resource Management, she has a PASSION to SERVE and UPLIFT. She believes in looking for the good in all people and situations. Courtney lives by the sayings, “To avoid criticism, Do Nothing, Say Nothing, and Be Nothing.”, and “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

Therefore, she has made the vow to stand for something by being a voice for the voiceless, and a motivator for the discouraged. More importantly, she has made the vow to make a stand for God by being a fighter for those that are spiritually “weak” or lost by sharing her story of consistently making the choice to OVERCOME.

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“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman