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“Turning negatives into positives one blog at a time, one tweet at a time, one prayer at a time…”-Passionate Woman

Who is she? Who is Passionate Woman?

She is me, I am she, Passionate Woman is my alter ego, just as Beyonce’ has her alter ego in Diva and Peter as Spider-Man. Passionate Woman is me,  just my better half on a bad day, and motivation to strive for self-betterment.

What is a Passionate Woman?

Well I’m glad you asked, a Passionate Woman is a woman determined to fulfill her purpose and pursue her passions; fearlessly, confidently, and courageously.  A Passionate Woman is okay with being vulnerable because she knows that where she is weak God is strong for her. A Passionate Woman is God fearing, loving, and giving. Dare to be a Passionate Woman!

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”- Proverbs 31:30

Oh Hey Fellas! 

Don’t you close the tab! You can be a Passionate Man as well (as corny as it sounds). Society might assume that’s weak, but let me ask you about your favorite Football-Basketball team, ha! Join the movement of self betterment both spiritually, personally, and professionally.